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Our scrubs are perfectly formulated to remove dead cells on all skin types,  even out skin tone,  improve skin texture and cleanse the pores.  Exfoliating the skin with nature's purest plants and wholesome extracts with no added chemicals helps the skin stay hydrated, smooth and rejuvenated. 

9 OZ/255g


DIRECTIONS: Scoop out a desired amount of scrub and rub it all over a damped body in a circular motion for a period of time then rinse thoroughly. Our foaming scrubs are also cleansing so there is no need to use a body wash after use.

INGREDIENTS:  Agua (water) glycerin, (derived from vegetable), sorbitol,  sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut) disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate (emulsifying and foaming agent), sodium chloride phenoxyethanol,  tetrasodium Etidronate,  persea gratissima oil (Avocado oil), aloe extracts, grapeseed oil (vitis vinifera), vitamin E oil, preservative,  fragrance oil,  pure cane sugar,  Mica, traditional iridescent super sparkling glitter. 

NOTE: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

NOTE : Please  keep in mind that all Jordan's choice products are 100% handmade in small batches. Variations from batch to batch can occur (examples: slight color change, ounces, or design). However this does not in any way affect the efficacy of the products.  



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